National Forest Campgrounds in the Yellowstone and Teton area

By Dub Paetz

May 6, 2013 Camping No comments

Camping in National Forests

All over the country there are some really nice campgrounds. But when it comes to quality and quantity there are few areas that can rival the areas bordering Teton and Yellowstone National parks. Millions of tourists from all over the world flock to this area to see the beauty that the Greater Yellowstone area holds. When Lewis and Clark first came to this area they were stunned by the raw beauty, and spectacular sights; To this day people are left in awe at some of the wonders of this area. From Mesa falls in southeast Idaho, to the boiling hot springs in Yellowstone there is nothing else like it on the planet. Just think, You can come and stay here on public land for such a small fee. The same places Lewis and Clark camped as they pioneered their way west.

Camping on the outskirts of the tetons

The options are endless when it comes to camping in the Greater Yellowstone/Teton area. Whether you are pulling a large RV, or looking for a trail to go into the backcountry there is something for everyone. I have compiled a list of campgrounds in the area to make your search a lot easier.

Southeast Idaho

This area offers some areas off the beaten path that are rarely seen by many visitors to the area. Most people come to visit Yellowstone and don’t realize what great scenery and sights lye almost beneath their feet. Caribou-Targhee National forests offer a plethora of camping options. You can find a site near mesa falls a little bit south of the west entrance of Yellowstone; or a sight much further south out of the area most tourists venture. The areas of on the south fork of the Snake river and Palisades reservoir offer great camping with light tourist traffic.

Areas North of Jackson Hole

There are several camping options just north of Jackson in close proximity or in Grand Teton National Park. The view of the Tetons in this area is as great as any sight on the planet.  The elk, bison and deer are plentiful, as are the trails to explore the nations treasured lands. Rest assured that when this land was set aside as the Nations first National Park there was a legitimate reason.